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Advisory Board

The Advisory Board is transversally supporting the consortium on OLGA strategy, bringing additional expertise on specific topics and broadening the project's impact regarding policy and regulations through participation in specific key meetings. Exclusively formed of external members, the board is composed of two working groups and 30 organisations.

List of advisory board members' organisations

  • Airbus

  • Airports Council International Europe

  • Airports Council International World

  • Alstom

  • AMAT (Agenzia Mobilita Ambiente Territorio)

  • Berkeley – University of California

  • City of Gava (hosting Barcelona airport)

  • CRPF (Comité d’agglomération Roissy Pays-de-France)

  • DSNA (Direction des Services de la Navigation Aérienne)

  • ENAC (Ecole Nationale de l'Aviation Civile)

  • ENAC (Italian Civil Aviation Authority)

  • FNM Group (Ferrovie Nord Milano)

  • GEH (Groupe Europe Handling)

  • Goldman & Partners /IRCAS (Intl. Research Centre For Applied Sustainability)

  • Green/Bocconi University (Centre for Research on Geography, Resources, Environment, Energy & Networks)

  • IDF Mobilités (Ile-de-France public transportation organizer)

  • Ingenio, Gran Canaria city (hosting Gran Canaria airport)

  • Institut Paris Region

  • Manchester Airport Group

  • Milano Cortina 2026 Organising Committee

  • Neste

  • Région Ile de France

  • Roissy Pays de France Agglomeration Community

  • Safran

  • UNIVA – Unione degli Industriali della Provincia di Varese (Italian industrial federation)

  • Vantaa city (hosting Helsinki airport)

  • Veilka Gorika city

  • Vienna city

  • World Economic Forum

  • Zagreb city

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