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OLGA's Best Memories from the Paris Air Show 2023

OLGA had a bustling presence at the Paris Air Show in 2023. The project participated in various activities, including the EU Green Deal Airport projects seminar, Technical Seminar on project innovations, and the ClimOP project final event. The OLGA mock-up of its solar installation on the passenger bridge was also showcased at the CINEA stand at the air show exhibition. Last, but not least, OLGA was also featured in the recently published PULSAR project brochure as a demonstrator for green airport innovation.

EU Green Deal Airport projects seminar: OLGA, STARGATE & TULIPS joint event at the Paris Air Show

At the EU Green Deal Airport projects seminar, OLGA, along with sister projects STARGATE and TULIPS, engaged in an invaluable cross-fertilisation effort. This seminar, moderated by CINEA (European Climate, Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency), provided a platform for collaboration and knowledge exchange among these projects, all working towards creating environmentally sustainable airports.

Technical Seminar on project innovations: disseminating OLGA solutions to end-users

The Technical Seminar on the project's innovations aimed to address the environmental impacts of the aviation industry through green solutions. OLGA showcased its groundbreaking initiatives and highlighted its commitment to reducing CO2 emissions, optimising energy efficiency, supporting green hydrogen production, improving air quality, and enhancing landside airport connectivity

ClimOP final event: OLGA got a speaker spot on the agenda

During the ClimOP final event, OLGA's key partners, including Groupe ADP and SEA Milan Airports, as well as ENAC (Italian Civil Aviation Authority) - an OLGA Advisory Board Member, participated in a panel discussion on sustainable aviation. The event focused on how the projects are contributing to sustainable aviation and explored the feasibility and acceptance of ClimOP project results among relevant stakeholders.

OLGA mock-up solar installation on the passenger bridge showcased at the CINEA stand

The mock-up of the OLGA Solar Installation on the Passenger Bridge was a notable attraction at the CINEA stand at the Paris Air Show Exhibition. This innovative solution has the potential to mitigate nuisances such as CO2 emissions, pollutants, and noise, demonstrating OLGA's commitment to creating a greener and more sustainable airport environment.

OLGA featured in PULSAR project brochure as a demonstrator for green airport innovation

This brochure, published within the PULSAR project framework, showcased the research conducted on environmental aviation through collaborative EU projects, including OLGA. The publication went beyond traditional high-TRL-focused EU Joint Undertakings and provided insight into the European Commission's dedication to achieving key objectives related to aviation and the environment.

June 2023 was not a typical month at the office for the OLGA project. The Paris Air Show 2023 created the ideal environment for the project to be at the frontline of green airport innovation. These landmark moments underlined OLGA's significant contribution to shaping a more sustainable future for the aviation industry.


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