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The OLGA project is continuing its dynamic collaboration with STARGATE, TULIPS, and ALIGHT, united in its mission to shape a more sustainable future for aviation. At NACO SAS 2023, OLGA is set to lead a high-level workshop under the theme "Air Quality: Improving air quality in an airport". This workshop will highlight the critical importance of enhancing air quality within airport environments, addressing a crucial aspect of the aviation industry's sustainability.

During the event, OLGA will showcase several key innovations aimed at enhancing sustainability in aviation. These innovations include a 24/7 SaaS platform designed for Emissions and Air quality Pollutants Modeling and Monitoring, enabling precise tracking and control of pollutants. Additionally, OLGA will present a powerful decision-making dashboard to streamline vital operations. Circular economy strategies will also be in focus, with OLGA revealing advanced waste reduction techniques and cutting-edge technologies that contribute to a more environmentally friendly aviation sector. Moreover, the project will share insights into sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) traceability, emphasizing the importance of transparent and accountable processes in promoting cleaner aviation.

Mark your calendars for the 26th to be a part of this exciting venture at the NACO Sustainable Aviation Summit!


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