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OLGA Project Hosts Successful Workshop on Green InnovationsCertification at Airports

On April 29, 2024, the OLGA project hosted a dynamic Workshop on Green Innovations Certification at Airports, in Paris. The workshop, organised under the umbrella of Work Package 8 - Exploitation and Technology Transfer, was hosted by ENGIE Lab CRIGEN, with invaluable support from COMOTI (Romanian Research & Development Institute for Gas Turbines) and Bureau Veritas.

The event served as a pivotal platform for industry stakeholders, experts, and decision-makers to converge and deliberate on crucial aspects of green certification within the aviation sector. Participants had the opportunity to delve into various dimensions of sustainability, from waste management to the utilization of biofuels, hydrogen, and sustainable aviation fuel, thus advancing the collective understanding and implementation of green practices in airport operations.

Central to the workshop were insights provided by the OLGA airports, including Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport, Milan Malpensa Airport, Zagreb Airport, and Cluj Airport. Their participation, alongside key partners such as Air France, Air Liquide, Infraplan and SNAM (the leading energy infrastructure operator in Italy), marked OLGA’s shared commitment to advancing sustainability within the aviation and airports sector.

By bringing together key players from across the sector, the workshop approached several aspects of the green certification process and also identified barriers and gaps, thereby fostering a more robust framework for sustainable aviation. The workshop facilitated knowledge sharing and laid the groundwork for fostering the mitigation of the environmental footprint of airports worldwide. 


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