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The local OLGA project team in Romania was involved in testing the first hydrogen-powered bus integrated into the public transport fleet of Cluj-Napoca Municipality

In a pioneering move towards sustainable public transport, Cluj-Napoca has become the first city in Romania to test a hydrogen-powered bus under normal conditions (with passengers). This demonstration in Cluj-Napoca is part of a broader European initiative, through the Clean Hydrogen Partnership which also includes the OLGA project,  and aims to gradually replace conventional fossil fuel-powered public transport with zero-local-emission alternatives.

The innovative vehicle, presented to local authorities on May 9, 2024, marks a significant milestone in the city's efforts to adopt less polluting alternatives to conventional fuel transportation. After its debut in Cluj, the campaign continued in Bulgaria, Greece, and Macedonia.

Hydrogen buses are at the forefront of green technology, using hydrogen fuel cells to power electric motors, resulting in zero emissions. Hydrogen is stored in tanks mounted on the roof of the bus, and passenger comfort is not affected. Significantly, hydrogen can be produced sustainably through the electrolysis of water, creating what is known as green hydrogen.

The success of this initiative in Cluj-Napoca is supported by the collaborative efforts of key local partners heavily involved in the OLGA project. Cluj-Napoca Municipality, the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca through the Electric Mobility Applied Research Center (EMARC), and Cluj Airport play a crucial role in promoting sustainable transport solutions. Within the OLGA project, the three partners collaborate within the WP 2- Landside transport, access, and multimodal activity package, and under the coordination of the mobility team, they actively contributed to the successful implementation of the tests and validated the use of this means of transport in passenger transfer from the airport terminal.

Cluj-Napoca's adoption of hydrogen bus technology is a significant step in the city's commitment to environmental sustainability. Through their participation in the OLGA project and other EU-funded initiatives, Cluj-Napoca demonstrates leadership in adopting innovative, green technologies for public transport, setting an example for other cities in Romania and beyond.


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